The Flow Trainer System: A New Model for Training, Education, and Healing

Revolutionary discoveries in the field of neuroscience have revealed new information on the untapped potential of the human mind. Discoveries such as Neuroplasticity allow us to completely understand the very real connections between behavioural conditioning and the creation of new neural pathways in the brain. The Flow Trainer System exploits these new understandings by providing a superior condition and training system built on these principles. Virtual systems, advanced multimedia, neurolinguistics, and Transcranial Magnetic devices are applied in concert to create a system that delivers optimum results int he areas of Education and Healing. One of the advantages of The FLow Trainer System is that it is specifically designed to create and maintain Flow states in any individual. These states are stable and repeatable. Our preconditioning model allows trainees in any discipline to achieve peak performance states prior to the administration of any training curriculum. The creation of these states is vitally important to the process of learning itself and has been neglected through oversight by many educational institutions.

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