New Space Exploration


Access Media Lab is proud to move the company towards a 6,000 sq. ft. studio space located near Downtown Los Angeles in the Brewery Arts Colony, the world’s largest art colony.


Brewery Arts Complex, Los Angeles

In collaboration with 3D Sterolab, Access Media Lab wants to use the space to ascend our Flow Trainer project to the next level. The Flow Trainer is the ultimate virtual 3D device that will change the dynamic of teaching and learning by training our cognitive capacity and improving our working memory in better maintaining and retaining memory.


Flow Trainer device

With the new space, this allows us to host virtual 3D demonstrations. We will be able to test our product with individuals in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the new space allows us to better develop the programming design, by maximizing our team capacity and making sure that the Flow Trainer is the best product out there. Finally, the studio space allows us to showcase the Flow Trainer to a multitude of individuals by hosting social events with people and media. We expect to host plenty of events to make sure the word is out, that the Flow Trainer is the future. Here are some images of parts of the new studio space. Enjoy!



Section of the new studio space


3D Sterolab


Infinity wall and workspace

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